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Are you a film student thinking of applying to your dream job? A perfect resume will help you land the job with relative ease. Everyone that makes a film possible, from screenwriters & actors to directors and editors, falls in the category of film production. 

With so many film production students out there and a handful of jobs, the thing that will make your application stand out is a perfectly written resume. The million-dollar question is: How to compose the perfect film production resume?

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That’s what we are here for! With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can write the perfect resume which will jump-start your career! Let’s take a look at a few to do’s and don’t’s when it comes to creating the ideal film production resume.

Like every other resume, a film production resume should include your qualifications and experiences such as those in virtual filmmaking, etc. However, you need to present your qualifications enticingly so that your potential employer will be hooked from the very start.

A few things that you should include in your resume are:

You need to begin your resume with a brief explanation of who you are and where you stand today. Moreover, you need to include your goals and ambitions and how by working at this new company, you will achieve those goals.

After this, you need to write your qualifications that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. This section needs to be a combination of your hard skills as well as soft skills, especially virtual skills (remote filmmaking) nowadays in the light of the global pandemic.  

In this section, you need to list all the projects that you have worked on related to filmmaking. This will add to your experience and credibility, particularly if you have achieved any accolades or awards. 

Don’t have a lot of experience in the film industry? Don’t worry! You can showcase the relevant education that you have attained in filmmaking. The production companies will love the fact that you have had formal training and education in the beautiful art of filmmaking. 

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Keeping all the irrelevant achievements and qualifications out of your resume is an art. It is only natural to want to show off whatever you have learned and achieved in your life. However, you should only include those things in your resume which will add value to it and help you land your dream job.

A few things that you shouldn’t include in your film production resume are as follows”

In our student life, we complete various projects to complete our semester credits. However, if you a list of credible film projects other than the ones that you made in your college life, then there is no need to add the unknown and low-budget films that are created as your semester projects.

  • Irrelevant Personal Information

Have opinions about the political system of the country? Save it for debate room discussions and don’t add them to your resume. Similarly, irrelevant personal information such as your marital status, social security number, etc. should be kept out of your resume.

It is a good thing if you have worked before – it shows the employers that you are capable of working in a team and have a great work ethic. However, since you are applying for a job in the film industry, it is best to leave irrelevant jobs, such as the jobs which have nothing to do with film production, off your resume.

With a global pandemic raging, and people in need of entertainment more than ever, the need for quality post-COVID filmmaking is increasing. When it comes to writing a perfect film production resume, some essential things should be a part of your resume. Similarly, there are a few things that you shouldn’t mention in the resume. Take a look at the brief list that has created above that will help you figure out how to create an enticing, attractive resume that will have your potential employers hooked from the start.

Here’s to you landing your dream job!

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