Best Site to Download 3D Models for Blender, Cinema 4D and More

Need 3D models for your creative projects? Look no further. TurboSquid has over 1 million high-quality 3D models for any project type. Here is how to get 3D models for less—and even for free!

We consider TurboSquid the absolute best place to get premium 3D models for film, animation, and gaming projects. Of course, we may be a little biased—TurboSquid is the newest member of the Shutterstock family of brands that create and distribute assets for the creative community. But don’t let our bias bother you—we confidently stand by our “absolute best” claim. Here’s why:

Our motion designers and 3D artists were using TurboSquid before it joined us in the Shutterstock family, and we’re big fans of the brand’s quality, wide range of choices, and customer support. (And, yeah. We’re also big fans of the name.)

Ultimately, we think one of the best parts of this family development is that now you can find virtually any and every kind of project-elevating creative asset “close to home.” You can download handpicked royalty-free music from us. You can get dazzling footage and stock imagery (here’s how you can try it for free) from Shutterstock. You can get After Effects templates from Rocketstock, VFX with Shutterstock Elements, and now 3D models from TurboSquid.

Keep reading to see for yourself why TurboSquid is simply the best place to get 3D models and to learn a little more about what they stand for. Since we think you’ll like their stuff as much as we do, we’re excited to offer you a “meet our new friends” deal on their behalf—some free and discounted 3D models you can grab today. (You can jump directly to the savings and promos by clicking through the links below.)

TurboSquid History

TurboSquid is certainly NOT the new kid on the block. This popular 3D-model marketplace was founded in 2000—before 3D was a household term and before YouTube, Facebook, and a lot of other Internet giants even existed. At that time, only a limited number of industries utilized 3D technology. Now, over two decades later, and with over a million 3D models in the catalog, TurboSquid has grown into a 3D leader that caters to nearly every industry—AR/VR, game dev, VFX, and advertising, just to name a few.

What Is TurboSquid Today?

Similar to PremiumBeat, TurboSquid is a marketplace. Their team, like ours, works with a lot of talented individuals from around the globe. While we work with musicians, they work with independent 3D artists, and those artists publish new models every day.

Frankly, if you’re looking for an object in 3D (real-world or imaginary), chances are it exists on TurboSquid. Currently, their 3D library offers an impressive 1 million+ models, each in multiple variations, styles, and 3D formats. You’ve got a lot of options, and TurboSquid makes it easy to find the one that’s right for you.

You can search for your specific model, browse by 3D model category, or, even better, filter down by formats, quality, and polycount. TurboSquid also allow you to filter down by your 3D software of choice: Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and 3ds Max. Seriously, whatever the object, however you need it, they’ve got it. Explore their 3D model library here.

Back-to-School Sale: 50% Off

Okay, now that you’ve gotten to know our new friends at TurboSquid a little better, do yourself a favor and give their goods a spin! You can save up to 50% on a massive selection of TurboSquid 3D models during their Back-to-School Sale, running from Monday, August 23 to Friday, August 27, 2021. And don’t think for even a second that you won’t find something you can use—the sale covers over half a million eligible models.

The steps are easy. Just click the button below, and start your search. You’ll see discounts clearly displayed in the search results, on the product pages, and in the cart. Choose a discounted model, add it to your cart, and purchase. Like we said, easy!

Save on 3D Models Here

Free 3D Models

Back-to-School Sales are cool, yes. Know what else is cool? Free stuff. TurboSquid has a solid collection of free 3D models, and it even includes some of their most popular selections. You can browse the free collection here. To get your free 3d models, just sign in or sign up on the site, and start downloading!

The TurboSquid Promise

3D Model Concept. Image via Shutterstock.

Over the brand’s long history, TurboSquid has established several promises they keep to new and current customers alike.

First off, the site does its best to offer competitive prices for all 3D models. At the same time, if a visual artist finds a model on TurboSquid, and then finds that same model elsewhere, they can always request a price match. The process is a piece of cake. Just contact the support team with links to the product on both TurboSquid and the other site. If the model hasn’t yet been purchased, a helpful TurboSquid agent will match the price for you.

Additionally, TurboSquid is a team of creative artists, and they understand that not all models are created equal. If a model has a technical issue, or if it doesn’t fit with your project, TurboSquid will provide a store credit or a refund—no questions asked.

Here’s another important promise: TurboSquid stands behind the models they sell. As such, every model sold on the site is backed by up to $10,000 in indemnification. The indemnification can go higher depending on the project and type of license. See the details here.

More Questions about 3D Models

Development project in 3D. Image via Shutterstock.

We thought about questions you might have about TurboSquid, and we went to them for answers. Here’s what they said:

Is TurboSquid com legit?

Yes, of course. TurboSquid is an established 3D model marketplace founded in 2000. TurboSquid models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world. Whether you’re a 3D artist or not, you’ve probably seen TurboSquid models hundreds of times and didn’t know it.

What 3D models are in demand?

You cannot go wrong with models of everyday objects like furniture, houses, people. Food, workshop instruments, building blocks are also in demand alongside cars, planes, boats, and trains. Nature, like flowers, trees, clouds, outdoor objects (fireplace, tents) are also popular. Niche models – urban objects like hydrants, cranes, buildings, bridges – also have their customers in our library of 3D models.

How do I get a free model from TurboSquid?

There are thousands of free models available on TurboSquid. You can browse all free models from our free page or toggle on the free filter in your search results to find free models within your search specifications.

How many TurboSquid models are there?

We will be precise here. As of writing, TurboSquid had 1,017,538 models with thousands added every week! If you’re looking for an object, real or fantasy, it probably exists on TurboSquid. You can use the categories and power search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price.

What is the easiest 3D software to learn?

There are several options out there if you want to learn 3D modeling.

Cinema 4D is designed to be easy for both professionals and beginners. It has a large community of followers. Also, there are a lot of 3rd party sites that build plugins compatible with Cinema 4D. Then you can find a lot of useful resources about Cinema 4D on our site. YouTube’s tutorials are plenty, too.

Blender is a rising star in the 3D modeling world. Well, Blender is free, which reduces the entry cost so much. Blender has a rich universe of materials, tutorials and other educational sources. Start by googling “download Blender” and installing Blender on your machine.

Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max are the other well-known names in the universe of 3D modeling apps. The learning curve with this software may be a little steep. Plus, the cost may be prohibitive to most beginning 3D artists.

Where can I sell my 3D models online?

We will not lie. There are a ton of 3D marketplaces where you can sell 3D models. Some 3D modelers prefer to sell their work on their personal websites. But TurboSquid offers unique services to its contributors that separates this marketplace from the rest. 3D artists get access to training resources, model certifications, 24/7 support, and a chance to sell their models to professionals.

What’s next? Go explore TurboSquid’s one million models.

Cover image via Turbosquid.

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