5 Ways To Keep Video Marketing Plans On Track In 2021

Video is one of the best ways for brands and businesses to reach and connect with their audience, which means it’s become a significant part of many marketing plans. However, video marketing can take a lot of planning, time, and usually requires a significant budget. 

In 2021 with many marketing teams and businesses working remotely, and resources stretched, it’s important that you can find ways to work efficiently and keep video marketing plans on track. 

Reassess your plans 

Even if you only set out your video marketing plans at the beginning of the year, things are changing rapidly and priorities have probably shifted. So it’s important that you’re reassessing your plans and revising your approach on a regular basis. 

Consider any changes to the overall business goals and plans. Are there new targets to meet? New audiences or markets that you need to be reaching out to? Is the business trying to find new leads and convert them into customers, or is it focused on customer retention and providing better customer service. This could impact the type of video marketing you should be producing. 

Keep a close eye on your audience as well to understand how they are impacted by the current situation. You want to consider how their interests, priorities, or concerns are changing so that you can ensure your video marketing is relevant and highly targeted towards your audience.

It’s important not to waste resources on creating videos that are going to seem outdated or out of touch because things have changed.  Monitor conversations and topics that your target audience is involved with, and also look out for what kind of marketing campaigns your competitors are running. 

Review your budget 

It’s also important to consider the impact of budget changes and reductions on your video marketing plans. It can cost a lot to film and produce a high-quality marketing video, so it’s important that you ensure that every part of it is essential and your plans are focused on maximizing the return on investment so you can prove its value. 

Look at ways in which you can cut your costs in producing videos: 

  • Reduce the number of locations and actors you’re working with 
  • Try to shoot everything in a single day 
  • Shoot footage for different videos and campaigns at the same time 
  • Rework or repurpose footage and existing videos 
  • Work with a professional production company that can get the work done quickly and efficiently. 

If you’re able to cut down on any of your costs, your video marketing plans are less likely to be significantly disrupted by budget cuts.

Stay connected as a team  

Effective communication is also going to be essential for keeping your video marketing plans on track this year, especially if your marketing team is working remotely. 

Regular catch-ups are important to ensure that your team is on the same page and that everything is going according to plan. A quick morning run through what each person is working on and any blockers they’ve come up against is a good way to keep track. 

It’s also important to find ways to motivate and engage your team so that they are enthusiastic and working efficiently. Training sessions that keep everyone up to date with best practices, new software, and industry trends will help them to improve their work and stay engaged. Use a platform to build your own courses such as Talent LMS so your team can take part in tailored training, or provide them with access to something like LinkedIn Learning where they can choose from a range of courses.

As a remote team, consider using a spatial video tool like Topia that allows you to communicate with everyone in a more natural way. You can create a virtual world where your team can start joining conversations by moving towards each other. Set it up for meetings and group calls, add a whiteboard for collaboration and embed videos for training sessions. 

It’s important that you can find ways to keep your team inspired and productive, even when they’re not working in the same space. Use the latest tools and technology to encourage creativity and collaboration so that your video marketing can stay on track. 

Track progress carefully 

With so much disruption still going on, it’s important that you’re tracking the progress of your video marketing campaigns and projects closely. 

Project management is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly, so it’s a good idea to break each stage of the project down into smaller deadlines. Communicate goals, targets, and deadlines effectively with your team, and keep everyone focused on the end result. Use a suitable project management tool such as ProofHub that provides everything your team needs to stay on track, in one place, including to-do lists, workflows, chat, and file storage.

If you find that you’re not working as quickly, or things are getting overlooked, then take some time to improve your processes and workflow. Get your team to track how they’re spending time, and when things are taking longer than expected. Then invest in tools and software that can help automate or streamline certain tasks. 

Measure the results 

As well as tracking your progress you also need to be measuring the results of each video marketing campaign against your goals and targets. This will help you to evaluate the money spent on video, how effective it is, and how you can improve. 

Over time as you measure your results you’ll be able to develop a more cost-effective video marketing strategy that ensures you don’t waste any money. 

With some careful planning and the right tools, you’ll be able to keep your video marketing plans on track in 2021 and ensure that they’re successful and effective.

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