355 Free Motion Graphics, Sound Effects, Action Elements, and More

We crafted these assets and elements in-house, just for you, and they’re completely free for any personal or commercial projects.

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced video content creator, these elements and effects are easy-to-use, accessible tools that will increase your production value.

So, let’s get into this, shall we? Here are more than 355 free assets to use however you want (and a few extras).

These assets are free for all personal or commercial use. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute these assets.

18 FREE Ice Effects and Snow Overlays

This right here is a pack of winter elements! Whether you need some sub-zero ice effects for an action sequence or snowfall for your next holiday video, this pack of eighteen free overlays and VFX will give you that icy winter feel.

Let’s be honest, when is it not beneficial to have a slick pack of LUTs on hand? Whether you’re just starting a new project or you grab a new client, the look of your work for them needs to be different or fit a certain aesthetic.

Check out this pack of LUTs (created by Todd Blankenship) made in the Photon app, which is just a way to create detailed looks. This pack is a must-have!

35 FREE Prism Bokeh Overlays

Like most freebies, we shot these bokeh overlays in-house on a Blackmagic URSA Mini with different translucent objects, from spheres to prisms.

The pack comes fully customizable to pull off whatever look you’re going for. The clips come in .mp4 and H.264 format.

15 FREE God Ray Light Overlays

Do you want some volumetric light rays? These overlays will give you that spotlight, god-like effect that can be perfect for any composition or render you need.

These free 4K overlays were all captured in a controlled studio to create a nice, realistic look.

This pack is taken from a more extensive collection of light ray overlays from the team over at Film Bodega. So, if you like this pack and want more looks, check out it out in full.

13 FREE HDRI Forest Environment Maps

In this incredible pack made by Todd Blankenship from the Film Bodega team, if you’re a seasoned VFX artist or just starting out, this is an absolute “download now to use at some point on a project” type of energy.

If you’re new to these types of files, HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image, which refers to a raw 360-degree image containing an extreme amount of light detail from the high end of the spectrum to the low end.

5 FREE Cinematic LUTs

Part tutorial, part freebie, our very own Lewis McGregor walks you through how to make your own cinematic LUTs in DaVinci Resolve. On top of this, he also gives you five FREE cinematic LUTs to use in your next project.

FREE Animated Text Typeface

This animated typeface is perfect for any motion graphics-heavy work. Each asset is fully customizable to fit whichever aesthetic you’re going for. This easy-to-use typeface is even easier to integrate into your timeline.

10 FREE Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

What more to say other than animated titles will never go out of style. You often have the time to make them yourself, and why pay for them when you could download this customizable pack right now!

When we say customizable, you can tweak almost every element in this pack to fit your style and color scheme.

5 FREE Film Grain Overlays

Want to add an instant vintage look to your footage? These free film grain overlays vary from 8mm-35mm coarse grain, as well as 35mm fine grain.

These assets were organically captured using real film stocks and film cameras. Applying these overlays is one of the most simple-yet-visually-appealing effects you can pull off.

9 FREE Rounded Titles

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Free rounded titles that give your motion graphics and video that extra kick it needs.

Tweak the colors to fit whatever look you’re going for, and don’t be afraid to use these as lower-thirds, graphics, or titles.

We’ve also released several freebies for design and photo-related projects:

70+ FREE Action Compositing Elements

This giant pack of action hits is an essential part of your next thriller or sci-fi project. Choose from practically created dust hits, sparks, fantasy elements, muzzle flashes, and much more.

These elements will fit in perfectly with your next big action sequence, and they’ll improve your motion graphics in new, creative ways. Hold nothing back from your production value with these easy-to-use elements.

50+ FREE Cooking Sound Effects

While stuck in quarantine, I decided to make this pack of cooking sound effects for anybody needing any type of small sound for their cooking video or tutorial.

The beauty of this pack is that it works for any video—narrative, documentary, YouTube video—these work as front and center sound effects and background foley.

After making this kitchen pack, I decided to make several other “household” specific freebie sound effect packs. Check them out below!

25 FREE Vintage Sound Effects

There was always a need for more sound effects in almost every video editing project I’ve been involved with. Just like working with footage, you can never have enough sound effects.

The more filled out your video or film is, the more its production value. These vintage sounds are perfect for any static, swells, or scratchy analog sounds you might need.

45 FREE Hand-Drawn Animated Shapes

Next up, video editors rejoice! This massive pack of forty-five hand-drawn animated shapes serve as the perfect toolkit for anybody with clients wanting social cuts, or fun videos that have a DIY feel.

This pack was also a collaboration between us and the team at Film Bodega, so this freebie is actually a teaser for a much larger pack that you can check out here once you’ve downloaded the freebie.

21 FREE Motion Graphics

The biggest draw of these motion graphics is that you never have to open After Effects. The Essential Graphics Panel claimed it was here to make all of our lives easier, and this makes good on that promise.

This pack has everything, whether you need a title, lower third, or animated quote. And, did we mention all the assets are completely customizable?

This is perhaps our most useful pack yet. How often have you needed some realistic footstep effects, and all you could find was complete trash?

Well, here’s a perfect way to help your future self. Foley effects like this always come in handy, making the scene more believable.

40+ FREE Space Textures and Elements

In addition to the fantasy and action hits, here are over forty space textures and elements for your next science-fiction epic. You’ve seen effects and sequences like this in big films like The Tree of Life, Interstellar, and The Fountain.

As with all the other freebies, cinematic science wizard Todd Blankenship created these elements practically in the PremiumBeat Effects Lab (our studio).

If you want more space-themed elements for your next intergalactic odyssey, check these out.

17 FREE Anamorphic Lens Flares

Captured with Atlas Orion Lenses on a Panasonic AU-EVA1, these lens flares are as organic as they come, giving your shots vibrance and life.

Compatible with any NLE, these flares are easily customizable, so they’ll complement whatever aesthetic you’re trying to create.

More Free Stuff

Rather than explain how rad some of our other free stuff is, I’ll list it for you. Some of these freebies are for older versions of Premiere, After Effects, etc., but they’ll still add vibrance and professionalism to your projects.

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